Since the market is so competitive and consequently the increasing concern about the clients demands, JACINTO MARQUES DE OLIVEIRA, SUCRS LDA (JMO), finds it essential the continuous improvement in the operation of Management System, integrating with the Quality, the respect for the Safety and Health of their Workers and the surroundings.

Quality, Environment, Safety and Health of the company workers are assumed as a priority by JMO, considering the involvement of all parts: employees, suppliers and customers. The implemented Management System has as general goals:

  • Improvement of the quality of their products and services
  • Improvement of their environmental performance with the goal preventing pollution, particularly in terms of gas emissions, water consumption and generated waste.
  • Improvement of their Safety and Health at Work with the goal of preventing high risk activities such as fall in heights, exposure to chemicals and diseases of its employees.
  • Improvement of work processes.
  • Continuous reduction of costs.
  • Increasing of our products exportation
  • Fulfill all the legal requirements applicable to JMO.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the standards NP EN ISO 9001, NP EN ISO 14001 e NP 4397.

The Management of JMO is committed to promote the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Quality, Environment, Safety and Health System at Work, based on training, responsibility and committeemen of their workers, giving all the necessary means for their operation and updates.