With the facilities located in the city of Esmoriz, located 25 km south of Oporto, Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs., Lda it’s a family company wich roots date back to 1954, with the current designation since January 1968. At the beginning of the activity, the founder Jacinto Marques Oliveira developed a project of manual pumps to draw water from the wells, a product that had a lot of acceptance in the national market having been one of the main activities of Jacinto between 1954 and 1980. In this period were also manufactured agricultural implements and small machines to the cooperage industry.

With the revolution in 1974, it was necessary to change the products of the company, having been developed in 1975 prefabricated metal houses, a product that became the main of the company between 1975 and 1985. With the slowdown in demand of the prefabricated houses, the company presented in 1986 a prototype of a forest firefighting vehicle over a Toyota Dina chassis with the transformation to 4x4 and bodybuilding Jacinto. Since 1986 to the current date, the company has developed new products, with the main sectors of activity:

  • Manufacture of super-structures and assembly of firefightng and rescue vehicles.
  • Manufacture and assembly of metal prefabricated.
  • Constrution of industrial buildings.
  • Manufacture and assembly of metal structures

The manufacture of firefighting and rescue vehicles wich started on 1986, represents about 85% of the business volume of the company nowadays. The innovation and the constant development of new solutions, based on the products quality (certified company in 2000 by ISO 9001:2008) and the post-sales assistance have been the pillars of this institution. Jacinto have as their clients in the national market Autoridade da Proteção Civil, Refinarias Petrogal, ANA Aeroportos, Direção Geral de Florestas, Administração do Porto de Sines, Ministério da Defesa, Corpos de Bombeiros Municipais e Voluntários.

In the international market, has clients in several countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, South and Central America.


  • Be an excellence entity in the transformation industry area, in a nationally and an internationally level.


JMO is proposed to ensure the innovation and diversification of their company products, in order to monitoring and satisfaction of our customers, while respecting the Safety and Health of their workers and the environment. Therefore, intends to be an excellence entity on the manufacturing industry, nationally and internationally.


  • Criativity
  • Innovation
  • Tranparency
  • Quality
  • Pro-activity
  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Responsability
  • Committement
  • Ethic

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