Kamaz - Jacinto

The Kamaz 43118 A5 is a Russian-built chassis that Jacinto used to manufacture the latest Tactical Tank Forest Vehicle model. With three axles with a 6 by 6 traction and simple rolling, it also has a tire filling and emptying system. The single cabin vehicle with seat for three occupants, has a gross weight of 22,500 kg. The model in question has a 300 horsepower Cummins diesel engine and a ZF transmission box, the most used in the world. Thus, Jacinto will be able to offer a totally optimized technical assistance since it will already prepare a stock of differentials and transfer boxes.

Regarding the bodywork, the Kamaz is equipped with a 316L stainless steel tank of 8000L and a Godiva P1A 2010 pump. To complete it contains an 8165kg winch, protection in all wiring in fire-retardant, roll-bar and front grille And a cabin and wheel cooling system.