24 November, 2020

Self-Supporting Nozzle System

The project aims to develop an innovative system of use of a Self-Supporting Nozzle System (SAP) to launch water over a flame front typical of a forest fire, with a...
Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uncategorized
30 October, 2020

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Qualified Partner Certification

Jacinto Marques de Oliveira Sucrs Lda, is the first Portuguese manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles with the Qualified Partner Certification of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Jacinto's commitment to continuous improvement, innovation and...
30 April, 2020

Jacinto Now!

Over the past few years Jacinto has been evolving, and following a path of innovation and constant growth. Thus, it is possible to show you that we are increasing our...
17 April, 2020

Trident Turbine Jacinto

Jacinto in the front line, adjusting the fire-fighting turbine for disinfecting surfaces. Fire Fighting Dust Control Desinfection CONCEPT Fire-fighting turbine for nebulization of high amounts of water Variable spray patterns,...





This assistance may be done by Jacinto or sending our technicians to the customer premises.


In addition to new product, we perform repairs and also modernized the old products.

The repairs have provided solutions to the client without any compromise.


The company seeks continuous improvement of its products. Thus, it provides technical information to the customer through product training at our facilities or at a location to be designated by the customer.

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Given the competitiveness of the market and consequently the greater concern with the requirements from customers, Jacinto Marques de Oliveira, Sucrs. Lda (JACINTO) notes continuous improvement is fundamental to its management system. It integrates Quality with the respect for Health and Safety of its workers as long the with the Environment.

Quality, Safety and Environment of company’s workers are taken as a priority by JACINTO due to the involvement of all parties: employees, suppliers and customers. The Integrated Management System (IMS) has as its general objectives:

  • Improvement of its products and services quality.
  • Improvement of its environmental performance in order to prevent pollution, particularly in terms of fossil fuel consumption, containment of spills and hazardous waste management.
  • Improvement of its performance in terms of Safety and Health at Work in order to prevent accidents resulting from high risk activities such as working at height, exposure to chemichal agents or professional diseases of its employees.
  • Improvement of manufacturing and business processes.
  • Continuous cost reduction.
  • Improvement of the index of export.
  • Compliance of legal and other requirements applicable to JACINTO.
  • Compliance of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

JACINTO’s Administration undertakes to promote the implementation, maintenance and improvement of the IMS based on training, accountability and commitment of its employees by providing all necessary resources to its operation and upgrade.